Against stress and anxiety

The body responds to the card after five minutes. On the card, there is a numeric mandala that contains beneficial numerical codes. The numbers are not only mathematical symbols - each number has its own vibration, energy. The integral part of the energy card are selected numerical combinations which open up our personal springs of life energy and help us get in touch with ourselves.

That numeric codes encourage self-healing of soul and body has been proven by Grigori Grabovoi. This clairvoyant Russian doctor of mathematical sciences has provided more than one thousand numerical strings for health and general wellbeing and has also written many books on this topic which have been translated into a number of world languages.

Energykarat also contains one gram of pure gold, type 999.9, with natural frequencies that additionally strengthen the beneficial effect of the information inscribed into the energy card. Gold has always been considered our planet's most noble metal; it is, however, also highly probable that it possesses the ability to invigorate a man's noblest characteristics and virtues. Energykarat is manufactured in Karatbars international, a German company based in Stuttgart.

The energy card exerts its effect when the top side (the side containing the numbers and with the letter A in the lower right corner) is facing the body. It only functions effectively on the left side of the body, preferably close to the heart. It can be placed in a left shirt pocket, behind a bra ... It can also be carried in a left trouser pocket or in a purse. It starts functioning after five minutes. If you don’t feel any discomfort, you can wear it all day round.
The card is less efficient if you turn it so that side B faces the body and has no effect if you move it to the right side of the body.