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Polje ne sme ostati prazno
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dr. Ivica Flis Smaka, dr. med.

Dr. Ivica Flis Smaka specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation, but her main interest since college has been finding healing methods that wouldn't harm the human being in any way. After practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation for several years, she realized that she wants more out of her patients - and her patients realized that they want more out of her. They, together, were no longer satisfied with the established ways of healing. Through macrobiotics, shiatsu, classical massage and manual therapy, she found her destination: Traditional Chinese medicine. In China, she completed several different courses on acupuncture, Tui-Na therapy and moxibustion, continued to gain knowledge in homeopathy, Ayurveda and Indian astrology and eventually became a certified international wellness specialist.

With all the knowledge and wisdom she obtained, she wanted to regain her clients' health and sustain it. In tune with the laws of the nature, she wanted to help her clients through the use of her own energy. Furthermore, she kept on searching for ways of further specializing her knowledge, by the use of which she'd be able to refresh the energies of her male and female patients, balance their body juices (especially hormones) and improve their sex life.

Next, she chose a completely new course in medical field: Anti-aging & Regenerative medicine, Nutritional Medicine and Supplements. First she gained a specialization in Brussels, where her mentor was Thierry Hertog, who still passes on his knowledge in Europe, America and elsewhere across the world. Dr. Flis Smaka spent her extra study years in the US, where she gained the American certification in Anti aging & regenerative medicine, which she complemented with certifications in Sexual health, Metabolic endocrinology, Nutrition and Sport medicine.

She gained practical knowledge in different hospitals, clinical centers and health resorts (several years as an active doctor and a successful manager). It will soon be 10 years since she opened her autonomous, immensely successful clinic in Maribor. She is a verified lecturer, judicial expert in the field of psychiatry and a proud member of the Association for Integrative Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and WOOSAM.

Her attention has always been directed towards the person, the patient, the suffering individual - and for her, every one of them is special, different from all others. She realizes that each and every one of her patients must receive a unique treatment, one that is adapted to their exact needs. Dr. Ivica Flis Smaka believes that maintaining health is a highly personal issue. She realizes that it is a very tough assignment for a doctor to understand a patient and treat him/her the right way. In order to do that, a doctor needs a lot of experience and a broad knowledge of various subjects. She treats her clients on the basis of integrative medicine principles, which integrate the findings of conventional medicine with those of traditional and folk medicine while striving to incorporate the best of alternative healing methods.

Wherever she goes, Dr. Ivica encourages people towards changing their lifestyle in order to achieve better health and higher energy levels. She sees her mission as >teaching and guiding patients towards finding their ways to lead a healthier life and increasing their life energies through using natural methods and contemporary therapies.