When to use a card?

When taking an exam, before an important meeting, when experiencing reduced vigilance while driving or otherwise feeling a lack of energy, when we feel anxious and when we need to focus better in order to solve a problem.

How to use a card?

Carry the card in a shirt or trouser pocket or attached to a bra on the left side of the body so that the numbers (side A) are facing the skin. Black colour completely blocks its functioning. The most preferred colour is purple.

When does it start functioning?

Immediately; measurements with the GDV Kirlian camera show that after five minutes stress is reduced by slightly less than twenty percent, and after half an hour by one quarter.

And later?

It reduces stress slightly further.

For how long shall I use a card?

There is no uniform answer. The card affects people differently, depending on their energy. On average, it should be used for about an hour or two a day, perhaps three, until we feel good. Some people wear it all day round.

How do I know that it benefits me no longer?

If you feel discomfort, experience tingling and have sweaty skin etc., stop using it for a few hours.

How do I position a card?

You can turn it so that side B faces the body. In this position, the card is less efficient. It stops working completely, if you move it to the right side of the body or store it in a black case.

How can I make sure that it works favourably?

With a radiestesy test. A kinesiology test is even simpler.

How is this test performed?

Stand with your legs apart and stretch your right arm sideways. A person standing next to you should press your arm down. He/she will probably do this easily. Then you place a card on your left side of the body, with side A facing the skin; a person standing next to you should again press your arm down. It won’t work this time or it will be very difficult because your body is much stronger under the influence of information from the card.

Can a card cause any harm?

No. However, move it to your right side of the body or put it in the case if you feel discomfort.

Can it worsen any medical condition?


How should it be stored?

Always keep a card with you as you never know when it may come in handy.

How long can a card exert its effects?

For an unlimited amount of time, if used properly.

Can I lend my card?


Can a card also be used in pets when they are frightened or restless?


And the gold?

A 1 gram gold bar can be used in case of emergency of a personal nature. Gold bullion certified 999.9% pure gold can be sold tax-free to banks or other buyers worldwide. In times of crisis it can help a family survive for a week.