Energykarat is using numerical codes for healing various health issues or preventing those issues from occurring is possible, proves a 52 year old Russian doctor of mathematical science, dr. Grigori Gravoboi. Gravoboi has provided us with more than a thousand numerical sets, each for achieving different goals. Furthermore, he has published a number of books which have been translated into many languages.

In order to verify Energykarat's functioning, we used five different research methods. First of all, we used a GDV camera to find out whether the energy card affects a human being's energy field. Following that, we employed the Allium test in order to investigate Energykarat's effect on tap water. We also wanted to find out whether the card affects body water. Our third experiment employed the BionEvapo method with the help of which we wanted to find out how the structure of a drop of water is changed after being exposed to Energykarat. For our fourth experiment, we used a microscope to analyze a live drop of blood and see how it is affected by the healing energies of Energykarat. Last but not least, we used a microbiological method to test the growth of cells exposed to Energykarat. Read more to find out about detail of our findings.

The card crucially decreases stress levels.

The GDV (Kirlian) camera is a globally established method which scientists use in order to measure a human being's energy biofield. The camera was invented by a Russian scientist named Konstantin Korotkov. The measurements were performed by Dr Peter Bukovec from the Institute of Sustainable Development, in cooperation with the Berlin Institute of Electrophotonic Research. Dr Bukovec's findings showed that the card crucially lowers stress levels in human beings. If one carries the card in one's left chest pocket or on the left side of a brassiere for 5 minutes, one's stress levels decrease for about 20 percent. After half an hour, stress levels decrease for additional 5 percent. Energykarat improves our focus, our success in school and at job interviews. It helps us get rid of the anxiety that so often affects our efficiency.

The card halves the toxicity of water

We used the Allium test to find out how the energy card affects tap water and test onions. Simultaneously, we wanted to find out how it affects body water. The research was conducted by Magister Peter Firbas from the private Laboratory for plant cytogenetics. He explains what an onion test is in his scientific article published in the international scientific magazine Caryologia - International Journal of Cytology, Cytosystematics and Cytogenetics. Essentially, the Allium test discloses the synergy effect of all harmful substances that the water contains. In that aspect, it reaches further than analytic chemistry which only reveals a limited amount of substances.

The experiment he conducted made Firbas understand that the energy card decreases the toxicity of tap water for more than 50%. To be more exact, the energy card made the genotoxicity of tap water decrease from 12,5 to 6 percent. It is highly possible that the energy card disables the toxic effect of the harmful substances pervading water. The result of the experiment brings us to a conclusion that the energy card is soothing for anyone that wears it because it decreases the toxicity of one's body water and helps the body spend less energy for getting rid of harmful substances. That way, the body can direct more energy towards homeostasis and adapting to the everchanging external factors. That's a physiological explanation that brings us closer to understanding why people feel less stressed after using Energykarat.

Onto the energy card, we can also place a glass of water which we then drink. The reinvigorated water causes less injuries to the organism; for instance, it injures only 500 instead of 1000 of our cells. It offers protection to our body; it makes tap water healthier to drink.

The story of water drops

Microscope images of minerals taken at the Bion institute confirm that the card has a strong effect on body water
We used the BionEvapo method to understand how the energy card affects the structure of a drop of water. We conducted the experiment at the Bion Institute - the Institute of Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology. The BionEvapo method proved that EnergyKarat noticeably improves the structure of water; minerals in the drops of water that were affected by Energykarat differed crucially from the unaffected ones. Researchers at the Bion Institute exposed several drops of water to Energykarat for 1 hour. After half an hour, they found that the structure of the water was smaller and less complex. After 1 hour of exposure, the structure of the water was completely shattered. The energy card transformed the water from being neutral or even harmful to being beneficial to the human body.

There was another highly important finding - the energy card is able to shatter clusters of water molecules. It could be said that in his physical essence, a man is a bag of water. The channels through which body water flows are very narrow. If the water molecules stick to one another, they cannot flow freely through those channels. To shatter clusters of water molecules, the body spends huge amounts of energy which it could have directed towards other processes like homeostasis or adaptation to the everchanging environment. The energy card helps the body by assuming the role of 'the molecule shatterer'. With some help of Energykarat, the human organism becomes more vital and less stressed.

Like drinking water

Our fourth experiment included a microscope that helped us see how the energy card affects human blood and its processes. The live blood drop analysis is a qualitative analysis that helps us see the state of erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes in the blood. The analysis can be done on many different organisms, not only human ones.

We analyzed a human blood sample at 3 different stages: before using the energy card, 15 minutes after using the energy card and after an hour of using the energy card. After 15 minutes, the blood was more vital and energetic than before and not so many erythrocytes were stuck to one another. Leukocytes and erythrocytes were proportionally arranged throughout the blood. The analysis showed that leukocytes were more active than before, they were quick to shift shapes in order to be able to catch and eat fungi. Furthermore, all of the parasitic larvae were now visible as they were no longer able to hide behind stuck-together erythrocytes. It seemed very similar to the effect bioresonance therapy has on the blood. We could still see various crystals but there weren't as many as before. After 15 minutes of being exposed to EnergyKarat anti-stress and anti-fearenergy card, the blood was much more energized and fluent.

After 60 minutes, a process of blood purification started. We compared the bloodto a house undergoing spring cleaning. After half a day, the change in the appearance of the blood was even more obvious.

Strenghtening the immune system

We visited a microbiological laboratory to test the growth of human cells exposed to Energykarat. We used a method that is typically used for measuring cell growth acceleration. This method helps us determine how much faster cells reproduce when exposed to an external factor. We also measured how strong the stimulation of external factors was. The experiment was conducted by a Slovene microbiologist, Dr Bratko Filipič.

Dr Filipič found that the energy card had a positive effect on the growth of white blood cells (leukocytes), more precisely the macrophages in the blood. He found that the number of cells (the RI value) influenced by either the energy sign or the Energykarat golden card was bigger than the number of cells exposed to no external factors. The first group of cells (exposed to energy signs) started to grow rapidly during the first 20 minutes while the number of latter ones (exposed to EnergyKarat) skyrocketed during the meager first 10 minutes. It seems that the information of the energy card settled into the agar which then positively impacted the cells.

Macrophages are a special type of leukocytes; their main assignment is to catch, eat and disintegrate various bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other foreign bodies but also to get rid of dead, dysfunctional blood cells. Macrophages defend the human organism from villains; they are the soldiers of our blood. That's exactly why we want our blood to contain a lot of them. When macrophages are numerous, active and fluid, the immune system is strong. The experiment with the energy card-inflicted cells also showed that new leukocytes spring up faster when exposed to vital energy.

The effect of the energy card is strongest if we carry it near the heart. The heart is the center of our blood flow. All of human blood at one point reaches the heart. If we carry the card near our heart, we affect the very core of our circulatory system.

The energy card starts to transmit energy and information to the human body after 5 minutes. It doesn't need to be used more than half an hour a day. It is enough - the impact will last all day.