How to use Energykarat

The energy card exerts its effect when the top side (A) is facing the body. It only functions effectively on the left side of the body, preferably close to the heart. It can be placed in a left shirt pocket, behind a bra ... It can also be carried in a left trouser pocket or in a purse. It starts functioning after five minutes. The card has no effect if you move it to the right side of the body.  

Test the card - Try it yourself

Test your progress

Forthistestyouwillneed an assistant.

1.Whilestandingup, placeyourlegsabouthalf a meter (1.6 feet) apart from one another.

2. Extend your right arm in front of you.

3. Tell your assitant to push your extended arm downwards.

4. Place the EnergyKarat on the left side of your body and tell your assistant to push downwards again.

It'll be much harder for your assistant to push the second time as the card's information will affect your vital energy levels and make your body stronger.